For those who dance late into the night.


From Lindy Hop, Shag, Balboa & Charleston, to Burlesque, Slow Drag, Rhythm Tap & Foxtrot,  we are a collective of passionate dancers sharing the art at the highest level.



Arcola Theatre, Dalston - 21:00-22:00 

Learn the basics of swing dancing to get comfortable on the dance floor. Classes include 6-count and 8-count Lindy Hop rhythms, Charleston and general musicality. 

Studio practice

Arcola Theatre, Dalston - 19:00-21:00 

Throughout summer the Vintage Arts Asylum will be opening up the studio at the Arcola for swing dancers to come hone their skills. Keep updated via Tiger Rag on Facebook for more information.


The Vintage Arts Asylum offers variety of further-level dancing, a full list of events and classes can be seen on DesignMyNight or our Facebook


Tiger Rag

Hackney’s hottest night of dancing and hot jazz in the heart of Dalston. Weekly live music and beginner dance lessons!



The Asylum Speakeasy

The records will skip, the floor will be filled, the bar will be busy, music will be fast and it will be hot. This party isn't about just dancing, this is about being with your friends while listening to good tunes and moving your body to all types of vintage music till 5am.